Whole 30 Week 2

Good morning! Thank you EVERYONE who came out last night – I love hearing the progress and can’t wait to see how we are coming along next week. Here’s a recap of the challenges and proposed solutions based on what our members are going through


#1 People/friends/family questioning what you are doing

-The most important thing to remember here is that you are doing this for YOU – no one else. You are pushing to be the best you can be from the inside out which will help you reach every health fitness and life goal you’ve ever wanted. Do NOT lose track of this when the “haters” and “naysayers” give you crap or look at you funny. MOST people are “comfortably uncomfortable”, secretly envy you because they are unhappy/insecure with where they are right now and really would want to do a challenge like you are and get the results you will J Never lose track of this – you have my team and our community to fall back on for support as your net!


#2 Preparing food in advance AND cooking/cleaning frequency


-Prepping is key and without you will most likely be unsuccessful (hey, it landed dooms-dayers a show on TV!). Whether we’re talking nutrition or anything else, in life if you are unprepared you will most likely not do whatever it is you plan on doing, or it will be far less effective. (remember the last time you forgot your gym bag or shoes before your workout?!)


Here’s what I do to solve all 3 challenges…..

-pick 2 days during the week that work for your schedule

-non-peak grocery store hours & days will save you time if you can swing it (late night, early morning or midday

-Schedule out your batch cooking on these days (or 2 other days)

-Prep food for 3-4 days (varies on your family size, food preferences)



You save TIME (cook & clean 1-2x per week, 2-4 hours VS cook,& clean EVERY day for 1-2 hours)


4-8 hours for ALL your cooking & prepping VS 7-14 hours – pretty awesome, right? J


Additional Tips & Suggestions:


*Crockpot cooking was a big suggestion and WILL save you time in your cooking process itself –and most crockpots can be pulled from the heater, meaning you don’t have to Tupperware everything right away and can just toss it in the fridge!


*Have handy snacks (coconut flakes, hard boiled eggs) and food you can microwave when short on time (sweet potatoes, veggies)



#3 Food Going Bad


-Rinse food in vinegar (fruit & veggies) after purchase – veggies you can also steam and flash freeze too. Both these strategies will give you extra shelf life. I suggest freezing your berries- makes for a more of a “dessert-like” meal and will give longer shelf life!




This is pure time management, which goes hand-in-hand with your prepping.

“Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail”


Look at your week – theres a LOT of things we know will happen. Plan your life around those things – “stack” your will-dos/must-dos back to back. Early, early morning is a great time to get things done when you know you will  be distracted otherwise too J Look at your calendar and be honest with yourself – we all have 24 hours in a day – use it wisely!



#5 Breakfast w/veggies


Don’t do it if you don’t want to! The idea is an OVERALL large consumption of veggies – not necessarily a massive quantity with every meal. I personally have eggs and avocado for breakfast, crush veggies and lunch and stack them at dinner. Get your P+F (Protein + Fat) in the morning if you don’t want to force down the veggies.



#6 Variety!


We’re going to compile a “cookbook” from OUR members and their favorite recipes. MAKE SURE TO POST YOURS IN THIS GROUP!!!!


Some FINAL Words of advice on this week…..


1)   Keep focused – one thing at a time! Start with hitting our parameters of foods. You will FEEL good/great before you SEE significant changes in your body. This is OKAY. How many people do you know that lost a ton of body fat and changed their physique at the cost of hunger, deprivation and overall feeling like crap? This WILL work as it is a HORMONAL RESET and will take time. Your hormones didn’t shift in one week and they wont shift back in 7 days. Focus on eating great, and feeling good. We can make adjustments later to fine tune your diet for your goals.

2)   If your goal IS fat loss – 1-2 servings of fresh (not dried or dates!) fruit – limit/eliminate sweet potatoes – go easy and/or eliminate nut butters. These foods are allowed in moderation and WILL lead to success with the hormonal transition, but will NOT help you reduce body fat for long term success. Once you FEEL good and locked in with your eating, then make these changes if these are your goals!

3)   The best thing I’ve heard is “unless you can go eat a bowl of vegetables you are NOT really hungry. I have to remind myself of this a lot, but take it to heart as we learn a lot about our bodies, habits and patterns! J


Post comments/feedback/etc. below!

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