The Perfect Weight Loss Plan (Super Secret Tips)

Most of the time when I get approached about weight loss I get questions like….funny-picture-diet-coke-now-i-can-eat-anything-600x381


“how long will it take to lose ___________ pounds?”


“What is the best diet to lose weight faster?”


Now what I’m about to tell you is not rocket science – in fact it’s a culmination of the BEST pieces of advice I can give you as a coach.


You see, everyone is typically looking for the PERFECT solution to fat loss and to fitting into their skinny jeans, but what’s the problem with this?



There’s only ONE way to look at fat loss


You must pick the plan (diet & exercise) that will work for YOU – nearly every diet and balanced exercise program will help you make progress, but what are you going to stick to?


Let’s breakdown all the pieces of finding the right plan to help you reach your goals faster than ever – assuming we’re talking about losing some weight.


Picking the best exercise plan


How much time do you have?


This is the first thing to take into consideration – and often the most overlooked.WomanLookingWatchTennisFixation


As a trainer, new clients always ask “how long are sessions” as if 30 or 60 minute workouts will be the difference between success and no success – or spending too much money on a training program.


The truth is, it’s not all about how LONG you workout, it’s what happens during that time you are working out for!


Look at it this way, if Jane and Cindy come to me where Jane has 5 hours per week to workout and Cindy has 8 but they both have the same goal, do you think their workout plan will look far different?




They can potentially both reach their goal assuming they follow their prescribed diets to the tee and give every workout their all – but the point is that if you have 3 hours to workout in a week, your workout program must be custom to get the most OUT of those 3 hours.


Here’s how I would plan my workout program in a few scenarios if my goal was weight loss:


3 hours:

-2 30 High heart-rate based strength days with metabolic finishers

-2 30 minute metabolic heart-rate based cardio workouts

-1 hour dedicated to Flexibility & mobility training along with warm up before workouts



6-8 hours:

-3 strength-training days

-2 metabolic cardio days

-2 Interval days on the treadmill or outside doing stairs, running, etc.

-1-2 days dedicated to mobility & flexibility


How well can you move?


Most people move VERY poorly – hence the large number of back and neck pain that’s common for a majority of the human population along with knee pain from simple movements like body weight squats.


These are all things that need to be taken into consideration as a higher impact program for you may be out of the question. Most importantly, should you be doing more corrective exercises or doing more reps of exercises?


The only way to tell is to have your Fairfax personal trainer or coach evaluate and plan for you.


If you get injured, do you think it will slow your progress – at least a tad bit?


What’s your workout history?


Most of the women I train try to jump into the advanced stuff way faster than they should – and it scares me to watch!


You must ask yourself how much experience you’ve really had training and start from where your body is ready. The thing is, your “muscle memory” will reactivate if you’ve done certain exercises or moved certain ways years before, but if you are starting for the first time then you must go with the simple exericses.


What’s the best part? You’ll get a TON of befit from simple if you’ve never done it – mainly because it’s not really that simple to your body!


Picking the best diet


shutterstock_100258688What is the perfect diet? It’s the one that you follow through with – that’s it.


Here’s the top approaches I would recommend:


-Calorie counting


-Any other high protein diet

-Balanced diet with protein shakes supplemented

-whole foods/raw foods diet

-Carb Cycling

-Intermittent Fasting


All of these programs would work – some better in combination than others.


For example – if your crazy lifestyle will only support using pre-packaged meals, shakes, etc. then that’s just what you’ll have to do! Obviously prepping a ton of meals in advance is not going to work – especially if you simply wont do it!


What I would suggest regardless of what does work with your lifestyle


1)   The Quality Of Your Foods (eliminate sugar, flour, soda etc.)

2)   The Quantity of your foods (yes, calories in, calories out does work)

3)   The timing of your foods (carb cycling & intermittent fasting work wonders – assuming everything above is met!)


What’s the biggest takeaway?


Find something that you WILL do – then do it! Far too often we keep looking for the secret solution and never get started.


Use this as your “kick in the butt” to make a simple plan, then go out and do it. Besides, you can ALWAYS change the diet you’re following, that’s the easy part!


Dedicated to your health and fitness,


Coach John

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