The Best Exercise For A Firm Butt (Warning)

Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.31.23When someone says “Squats” what do you think of?

Sitting down into a chair then popping back up as fast as possible?

Maybe you go a little bit slower so you really “burn” and get more from the exercise?

What if I told you that you’re probably doing them completely wrong – and targeting the WRONG muscles in the process? If you’re doing squats incorrectly (which most women do) you’re building the dreaded “thunder thighs” and potentially paying the price by tearing apart your knees in the process.

Here’s What Your Squats SHOULD Look Like


The most COMMON faults are:

A) Not going low enough

B) Not pressing your knees OUT

C) Not staying on your heels/sitting back

This May NOT Be Your Fault

Most personal trainers will let you load up some weights in your hand or a bar on your back and have a “free for all” with squats. This is probably setting you up for injury either today or months from now.

This may NOT be your fault, but it’s no excuse to keep doing it!

2 Things to focus on……

1) Position

How good is your actual body position? If you’re leaning forward, knees are bowing in and your coming onto your toes, you probably lack mobility/flexibility and have some work to do. Tightness in your hips, ankles and shoulders/upper body are usually the common culprits. By working on improving your position you’ll feel better, move better and avoid injury (while getting results!)

2) Progression

Do you move well to the standards I’ve laid out? If so, it’s time for progression. If you’ve been doing the same weights for every rep goal (15, 20, etc.) then it’s time to bump it up! Your body won’t change unless you give it a reason to. Crank up the challenge by adding more weight (you won’t bulk, I promise 🙂  ) or progressing to a barbell front/back squat. A good coach can totally help you with this

That’s it! It really is that simple when it comes to getting results from your workout program. Get started today – the sooner you make changes, the sooner you’ll see them!

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