The 2 Reasons We Gain Stubborn Belly Fat

In my time as a fitness coach I’ve helped a LOT of women reach their health and fitness goals.

 A majority of the women I’ve helped were looking for some type of fat loss – whether it be 10 pounds or 50 pounds is not the point.There’s two commonalities I see with 99% of the women I meet who are frustrated with their results prior to joining my program.

How do I know what they are?

I’ve found some magical questions that help me help women change their lives, improve their health and get incredible results.

It’s really quite simple:


#1 Quantity 

#2 Quality


The scary part is most of us KNOW the quality – but have absolutely zero idea what the quantity is.

After testing body fat, which gives our members a pretty accurate reading on their metabolism, I always ask “How many calories do you eat in day?”.

Unfortunately it’s extremely rare that anyone has any sort of idea where they are. Every now and then I’ll get one that is tracking and can almost pinpoint it within a few hundred calories, but that’s rare.

Counting calories is NOT the solution- but is part of the equation, especially when starting out on a fat loss journey. 

The thing that scares me as a local fat loss expert for women is that we eat too much – and know it, but choose not to start there. I know it can feel overwhelming and we sometimes dont know where to start, but counting will work to a varying degree and can help you reach your goals faster than when you werent counting!

Quantity does matter – 4,000 calories of the “right” food probably won’t help the average jane lose weight any time soon.

Quality DOES matter – This plays a big part at a fundamental hormonal level

I would almost say that quality takes precedence over quantity – but it’s not that black and white!

You have to look at what the person is doing as a whole, which does include total intake along with quality.

Let me give you two scenarios:

 #1 Jane eats only at McDonald’s but meets her goals for total intake + fat, carb & protein balance.

 #2 Ashley Eats Paleo, but eats a ton of calories – a surplus of 500-700 per day. 

Who’s better off?

 That’s hard to answer, but you have to start by asking where they started. If Jane was eating well from a numbers standpoint and switched to McDonald’s, she could maintain, but would likely gain some weight (or at least feel like garbage!). 

If Ashley was eating a high sugar, high flour based diet with processed foods with the SAME surplus in calories, would she lose body fat by switching to Paleo? Probably – but it may not be by that much.

The point is that you have to look at the whole picture, pick things that work – specifically that work for you – and roll with it!

Start with ONE thing – I suggest defining your totals for the day and then cutting the sugars and flour. 

This will undoubtedly make an immediate difference as you will move both pieces in a positive direction.

Get started TODAY – pick something and run with it as action cures all!

Dedicated to your health and fitness, 

John Casto

Female Fat Loss Expert

Owner, Action Fitness

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