The #1 Mistake Women Make In The Gym

It’s no secret that starting a workout program can be frustrating, challenging and have our lives thrown off track. The thing is, that EVEN if you stick to your program (for the most part) how do you know you’re going to see progress, especially when it comes to weight loss?

There’s one BIG mistake that 99% Of Women Fail To Do

This ONE thing makes the difference between you seeing…..femalegymtraining

  • inches come off
  • fat melt away
  • Seeing tone & shape magically “appear” as you follow through with your workout program

OR feeling frustrated beyond belief, getting nothing from your workouts. So the question is…….

What could it be?

Progressing your weights! As one of the top fitness coach’s for women in Northern Virginia and a top fat loss expert, I find this to usually be the missing piece, and why most women don’t see progress. So – what’s the answer?

Lift heavier – but it’s not what you’re thinking…..let me give you an example.

Let’s say Jane is starting a strength-training program to help her lose the 20 stubborn pounds that sit around her hips and thighs.periodization Jane does “Exercise A” for her first “Phase” of training using 20 pounds, for 15 reps. To see progress, she must lower the reps and increase the weight Let’s say she does 24 pounds for 12 reps in “Phase 2” Then does 30 pounds for 10 reps in “Phase 3” Over time, she MUST progress the weight to a heavier weight – or else she is not truly “progressing”!

Why am I bringing this up, and why should you care?

A) You are WASTING your time if you are using the same weight for each and every rep scheme. You are mindlessly and aimlessly burning a few calories, while doing nothing else for your body. B) You’ll improve your shape and physique, increase strength, metabolize fat more efficiently…..and the list goes on! Here’s the other indicator that you aren’t progressing with your training If Jane re-visits the 15 rep goal several months later and is using the SAME weight with the same exercise – then that’s a problem. This happens far too commonly, and it’s a sure-way to stall your training program….but more importantly all of the BENEFITS that come from progression as well!

What’s the take-away

Lift heavier – but intelligently!Back-squat If your coach tells you the goal is 12 reps, you should be sure that doing 13 or 14 is NOT an option with the weight you choose for the exercise….but that 12 reps is tough – but doable! And yes, over time you will lift things heavier than you ever have – that’s what making progress is all about! The reason this is SO important

You can ONLY get sustainable, lasting benefits like

  • Weight loss that actually stays off
  • Tone and shape as you see body fat melt off from your trouble spots
  • Strength for day-to-day activities, picking things up and playing with the kids
  • Energy like you haven’t seen in years

Lifting heavier will NOT make you bulky – in fact, it’s extremely challenging to “bulk” in the first place. You have to be on a plan that you’ve built to help you do so – and this does not come from lifting progressively heavier weights over time on a strength & toning program!

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