Secret Sources Of Calcium (dairy is NOT one of them)

You’ve probably seen the headlines going on about calcium and how women need to make sure they’re getting enough because they’re more prone to osteoporosis than men.


Now there’s definitely truth to this statement, but let’s not forget one little details these generic articles tend to leave out…..


Is Dairy the ONLY way to get calcium?


If that were true, anyone and everyone who’s lactose intolerant would pretty much be completely out of luck, destined to a life full of constant upset stomachs.


What these “breaking articles” tend to leave out is what the BEST source of calcium is.


Is it dairy?


Dairy does provide a significant amount of calcium, but that’s only half the equation


Let’s ask the 2 most important questions…..


#1 What’s the amount of calcium


#2 How BIOAVAILABLE is it – or how much can our body actually absorb it!



You see, there’s a lot of research trending to say that dairy really isn’t all that great for us.


Whether you agree with it or not, let’s look at a few of the best alternatives to dairy so you can guarantee your calcium intake one way or another.






Collard greens















Holy moly – what a list, right?!


Now, let’s assume dairy is out of the equation – wouldn’t you agree it’s pretty simple (and easy) to get all your calcium from these inherently healthy and high quality sources?


In fact, plant based sources have research demonstrating that the calcium they pack is more available and usable for the human body than any dairy product out there.


So the next time you say you need your dairy….

Just remember that it’s NOT all about milk and you CAN get a great level of calcium from alternative sources.


I’m not telling you to give up dairy


I’m not saying your bones are weak either!


What I am saying is that it would be well worth your time to explore alternatives and test new ways of eating to really understand your health and body. This could include eliminating dairy completely and drawing only from the veggie sources mentioned or keeping it built in.


I’m also saying that you shouldn’t become dependent on it! Variety in our diet is vital to balanced health and a long life. By expanding your calcium sources you can really start to diversify your food selections and where you are getting your nutrients from!


Now for my arguments on dairy……


Check this out


and this


Dedicated to your health and fitness,


Coach John

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