My First Challenge with the 30 Day Challenge

As with everything in life, I have my good days and I have my bad.

However, I have to admit that my biggest obstacle lately has been my diet. The Fairfax Personal Trainer I have been working with has challenged his members with a 30 Day Nutrition Challenge and so for the next 30 days, I SHOULD be avoiding sugars, carbs and processed/packaged foods. The sugars and processed/packaged foods have been a lot easier to give up than I thought, but carbs? It’s been a completely different ball game.

Every now and then I see that delicious piece of cake, or walk by a bakery and savor the smell of fresh bread wafting in the air. I try to avoid it as much as I can, but it seems like it’s everywhere.  And I swear when I see that delicious carb, it’s calling my name.

I remind myself that I can do it- that I have the willpower to resist- and most days I do. And you would think it would be somewhat easier for me since I have already been following a similar diet before the challenge. But, as much as I hate to admit it, the carbs won today.

But as with every obstacle thrown my way, if I want to succeed, I have to stay focused and keep motivated. I am fortunate that I belong to a great community of people who are extremely supportive and want to see you succeed.

I have to remember that it’s only 30 days and really not as hard as it seems- it’s all mental. And there is a means to an end- when the 30 days is over, I will feel better mentally and physically.

I will be that much closer to reaching my personal fitness goals. I will be that much closer to feeling confident in summer dresses, bathing suits, and that bridesmaid dress that I will be wearing in June. It’s only 30 days and it’ll be all worth it.

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