3 Things Stopping You From Your Fitness Goals (and what to do about it)

Have you ever started working towards a goal with your diet and workouts then found yourself derailing days, weeks or months in? In my experience as a coach I’ve found this to be fairly common – and below are the 3 biggest challenges you’ll face as you work towards the new you.


Once someone gets past the challenge of commitment, then it’s simply avoiding these pitfalls – but it’s not as easy as you might think.


Fitness Pitfall #1 – The Friend

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We all have that one friend who is not adding to our lives, aside from having a good laugh with or maybe is the life of the party that we love to be around. You know who it is – they’re the one that seems great on the outside but really they’re struggling more than you are!


What tends to happen is this “friend” is the one who ALWAYS needs someone to have a drink with, poor meal choice with or skip out on a workout with.


They tend to say things like “come on, it’s just one drink” or “you can workout later – it’s the weekend!”. What we tend to forget is these decisions add up and separate us more and more from a goal date. This is usually the first challenge we face – especially considering our friends don’t like change and deep down inside probably don’t want us to change (albeit for the better) either.


Stay true to your path and decide if this friend is really contributing to your life or holding you back – if you decide they should be in your life, then plan time with them wisely, or you may derail completely!


Fitness Pitfall #2 – Everyone else


Family, coworkers, etc. you name it – there’s a lot of names and faces in this category and odds are removing them from our life is not an option (definitely not for family!).


The thing is, our society is extremely unhealthy and our culture is built around food in most cases. That food we tend to “huddle” around is rarely on the healthy side and is usually what throws us off (especially as the weather gets nice out!).


You can always plan your workout schedule around events with family, colleagues and social groups but the food is the challenge.


The BEST thing you can do is share your story- what your mission is with the people in your life so they won’t judge and give you a hard time when you choose the higher path and skip out on the bread and pasta!


Fitness Pitfall #3 – You


You are the challenge – you are the only thing stopping you from reaching your goals.


Those small moments add up – and it happens quicker than we realize. I’m talking about the decision to do a few more reps vs. not or eve to workout at all or stay home. All of these small pieces paint one big picture – which is the result we’ll see down the road.


Every moment, every decision you make is either taking you closer or further from your goals.


So how do we control and develop that self-discipline we admire in so many others?


It’s really quite simple…


The 3 things you CAN do (today)


#1 Make the decision & Commit to it


Find your “why” and don’t let yourself forget it! Regardless of whether you want to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds, the first step is the decision. Commitment isn’t easy, but it’s really quite simple. You have to be on board before you can take the train ride so make sure you give yourself that commitment – #2 & #3 will help you stick with it!


#2 Find A Community

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We tend to find purpose and drive from like-minded communities and when it comes to reaching ANY goal, the odds of improvement will increase with the support of a community. Group programs such as crossfit are fantastic in the sense that they pull people together and create an opportunity for them to lean & grow from each other. Having this in your fitness program is vital to your success!


#3 Get A Coach


The odds of success dramatically increase when we have:


A)   Specialized Knowledge

B)   Accountability


Both of these are delivered with having a fitness coach or Fairfax personal trainer. Sure, there’s tons of benefits to having a coach, and yes it’s possible to reach your goals on your own, but we have to ask ourselves if the trial and error process is worth it?


Even worse, our odds of success are nowhere near what we find with having a coach. Ask yourself how bad you want it – then make the decision if a Fairfax personal trainer is worth the investment, odds are it is!


Use these pieces of sound advice to help you reach all your health and fitness goals!


Dedicated to your health and fitness,


Coach John

Owner, Action Fitness

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