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Welcome To Our Community

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Here at Action Fitness Women’s Only Fitness Center we focus not only on an effective workout program and healthy approach to nutrition, but also community and accountability. Most gyms or trainers would be thrilled (and typically expect) you to come in excited, throw down your credit card and potentially never show your face again. This is the sad state of the fitness industry and everything we are NOT!

“Our mission is to empower women to live healthier, happier and become more confident through knowledge of health & fitness powered by support and community”

In our Total Body Training Program you’ll not only have confidence in a program that works, but you’ll also ALWAYS be working hands on with a coach. Our community of women who you’ll find to have similar goals to yours are extremely supportive and always to lend a willing hand and give some motivation when you need a boost. The focus of our time together is not to “crush” or “exhaust” you – but to invest our time together to target stubborn fat for fuel as you shape and tone your whole body while increasing your metabolism. The end result we’ve found to be is 10-20 pounds lost in the first 12 weeks of our program, leaving a lean, sexy shape and tone as the leftover result.

WARNING: We Are NOT For Women Who Fall Into The Following Categories…..

  • Are extremely negative
  • Believe they know everything about health and fitness already with no intention of learning more
  • Are not team players and prefer to workout alone
  • Don’t want to put the work in to get results in their workouts or with their nutrition
  • Expect miracles overnight

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